New Lottery Rollover

The 5th April 2012, is the start of the new Lottery ROLLOVER.  As well as making the draw more exciting, the aim is to attract more members and raise extra funds for Willen Hospice.

From April 5th 2012 we are introducing some changes to our weekly draw in order to make it more exciting with potentially bigger prizes, but primarily to increase membership and raise more funds for Willen Hospice.

The top prize of £1000 remains the same but one of the £100 prizes is being increased to £200 per week and, if not won, will continue to roll over up to a maximum of £5000, when it will become a guaranteed prize for that week.

There is a 3rd prize of £100, and 4th and 5th prizes of £50, plus 20 other prizes of £10.

Don't delay! Sign up today!

It still costs only £1 per week per chance so, don’t delay, play today and help us raise lots of money for Willen Hospice.

Download an application form here to play regularly pdf file(pdf)

Or buy tickets from our Willen Hospice Charity shops and other local outlets.

 win £1000 plus

rollover draw





An exciting new look for the Lottery this Easter


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