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Thu 13 Apr 2017 - posted by Willen Hospice

Wednesday 8th March 2017 I held my first big event for Willen Hospice. It turned out to be the very first Boxercise event held for them.

It was a usual day flicking through the world of Facebook, and then I see an advert looking for people to raise money for Willen Hospice's Blue week. Umm... Boxercise in Blue! I thought my class would be totally up for this, so I emailed the fundraising team and started to plan the event.

Why Support Willen Hospice?

Since growing up, my has been a volunteer at the Willen Shop in Olney. So it was often in conversation “Nan's working down at Willen today”. I often take my children into the shop to see her and choose a book or toy. So when I saw the Willen Blue Week I decided I was definitely going to hold an event.

Getting organised

The next few weeks I posted on Facebook, sent out emails and put up posters around Newport Pagnell. Arlette another Boxercise Instructor also got involved. My class were keen on the event and happy to support Willen. Raffle prizes were organised and we planned the event.

Boxercise in Blue

Ready to go

Full of excitement and nerves the evening arrived and it was a huge success! 28 people turned up for the class. Rachel from Willen's fundraising team also attended and some mini supporters - Abbie, Jake, Isabelle, Jude and Phoebe helped too.

Boxercise was new to some of the attendees, so I went through the safety techniques to avoid injury.  We then completed a few Boxercise drills and games. We finished off with a cool down and stretches, which are always important after exercise.

To finish off the evening, the raffle was called and prizes handed out. We raised a fantastic £241.85! I was thrilled, all the hard work of organising the Boxercise in Blue paid off!

A massive thank you to all who attended, you guys made the evening a complete success!

Louise Clarke

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Boxercise in Blue

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