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Thu 7 Sep 2017 - posted by Willen Hospice

The Willen Hospice Lottery is a wonderful way to regularly support the work of Willen Hospice. Since its launch in 1996 it's raised a considerable amount to support the care we provide! We caught up with Gladys Johnson who’s been playing our lottery ever since it started.  

Before moving to sheltered housing in recent years Gladys would purchase her tickets weekly from her local Willen Hospice shop in Olney. She’d buy two tickets a week and over time, with the introduction of Willen Hospice scratch cards, she’d purchase two lottery tickets and three scratch cards to play our lottery.

Whilst in sheltered housing Gladys started buying her lottery tickets from local Willen Hospice supporter and volunteer Bas, who visits weekly to provide the opportunity for residents to play our lottery and support the work of Willen Hospice. Gladys introduced Bas to our scratch cards and since that time Bas has sold over 3,000 Willen Hospice scratch cards.

Gladys said “It’s such a good cause and when I lived nearby the Willen Hospice shop, it was so local for me. It goes towards a good cause.”

To find out more and to play the Willen Hospice Lottery click here.  

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