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Fri 15 May 2020 - posted by Willen Hospice

The Coronavirus has presented many challenges for us all. None more difficult than having to stay apart from those we love.

Not being able to be physically close to family or loved ones outside of our household is hard: hard to share experiences, hard to be there for each other, hard to grieve.

That’s why we've started our virtual Moment of Togetherness, every Sunday night at 8pm. It gives you an opportunity to stop, reflect and remember someone special to you. Perhaps it helps you to connect with people you can’t be with right now due to social distancing, or to remember loved ones who have died. You might be missing someone who lives far away. It's your moment to connect, and be with that person across time.  So use this moment in any way that makes a difference to you. 

Natalie Savill joins in each week with her young sons. She says “ It’s nice for us as a family to have these moments where the boys remember their nan that they didn’t get to know. It’s a great way of making memories for them.”

During the moment, which is live for around ten minutes, we light a candle at the Hospice and invite you to do the same at home. You can share a photo of your candle with us, tag friends and family, or comment with a message.

Simply visit our Facebook page @willenhospicemk to watch.

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