Megan raises money for Willen Hospice

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Sun 8 Apr 2018 - posted by Willen Hospice

Talented young fundraiser supports Willen Hospice

We recently had the pleasure of meeting an amazing young girl called Megan Brightman.

Her 'Uncle Bass', who had been cared for by our Hospice at Home team, had sadly passed away and in coming to terms with her loss, Megan was inspired to do something to show her appreciation for Willen Hospice.

Keen to raise money, she decided to personally make and sell over 100 pairs of earrings at £4.00 each. Megan and her family visited Willen Hospice to hand us a cheque for the massive amount of £400.00 that she has raised through the sale of her earrings.


We are hugely inspired and touched by the dedication and love she has shown. Thank you Megan!


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Megan raises money for Willen Hospice

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