Why we walked the MK Midnight Moo

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Mon 26 Feb 2018 - posted by Willen Hospice

As we gear up for another MK Midnight Moo, we look back on the successes of previous years and can't help being astounded by the incredible support we have received from so many people in MIlton Keynes and the surrounding areas. 

One such supporter is Louisa Harris. She walked the Moo in memory of her close friend Sue, a Pilates instructor, who was cared for by Willen Hospice. Together with two of Sue's students Marita and Jenny, the team raised over £2,000!

Here's Louisa's story....

"Walking the Moo as a really fitting way to remember Sue as she loved walking. There was such an amazing atmosphere on the night.

"I loved all the different pit stops along the way - especially the disco in the underpass, and the sweeties!

"It was tiring but it was fantastic to be part of something that everyone was so passionate about. I can't wait to get walking again this year with our team, Sue's Moo-vers!"

Every pound that's raised makes a difference. It ensures that we can keep on providing end of life care free of charge at Willen Hospice, providing a warm, personal environment where not only the ill patient is cared for, but friends and family are given support too.

If you are thinking of joining in with Willen Hospice to walk the MK Midnight Moo, please sign up here.


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Why we walked the MK Midnight Moo

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