Willen Hospice recycles coffee pods

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Mon 9 Jul 2018 - posted by Willen Hospice

If you're the proud owner of a coffee machine that uses individually sealed coffee pods to brew a luxury cuppa, listen up! Once you've settled down to enjoy the aroma of your fresh coffee, please give a thought to the disposal of the pods.

At Willen Hospice, we have teamed up with George, an eco-champion (aka eco-warrior) from Charity Recycling MK who helps us to collect and recycle used coffee, milk, hot chocolate and tea pods. Together we are raising money for our charity and helping to prevent a small mountain of 'coffee waste' forming at the local tip.

How does it work?


George presents Willen Hospice with a cheque

We've installed collection boxes at most of our Willen Hospice shops. We'll soon be rolling out the scheme to all of our stores across Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

Look out for these recycling boxes!

Does it help Willen Hospice?

After only a few weeks of launching the initiative, George was able to hand us a cheque for £1000. This makes a huge difference to our fundraising. We need to raise £9 every minute to offer our care to the community, and this scheme is a fabulous way for all coffee-lovers to support us and prevent masses of landfill.




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Willen Hospice recycles coffee pods

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