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Thu 10 Aug 2017 - posted by Willen Hospice

We’re delighted to announce that Willen Hospice has set up a new Service User Group. 

We caught up with the chairman of the group and Trustee to Willen Hospice, Dr Chris Herman, to gain an insight into what the group is about and how you can get involved and help make a difference to future care. 

Who are service users? 

They are both the patients that are cared for by the Hospice and the families and friends of the patient. It’s anyone who has had experience of the care provided by Willen Hospice. 

What is a Service User Group? 

Our Service User Group is a place for staff, volunteers and users of our services at the Hospice and in the community, to come together to meet and discuss ways in which Willen Hospice care is delivered and how it can be improved.  

What is the aim of the group?

From the group we hope to improve all aspects of our care - including emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. To do this requires insight from our service users of their experience of Willen Hospice. We will be looking at all aspects that can be improved on,  ranging from catering to clinical, lymphoedema to physiotherapy, housekeeping to fundraising and everything else in between. Our users shape our service and it is important that effective communication is practiced throughout. We want to ensure that all our teams are provided with the support they need to deliver care effectively out in the community and at the Hospice. This may mean providing the necessary training, or upskilling staff and volunteers to improve practices following the feedback from our Service User Group.

What are the first things the Service User Group will be working on?

We hope to improve our service user questionnaires to create a simple, single feedback form, for our patients, their friends and families. From the feedback, we will analyse areas that require improvement and put in place a plan to look at how we can put those improvements into practice. 

We are also looking at starting some walking groups. The aim is for people to continue to be active and to support each other. We will be keen to recruit volunteers to help organise these walks which will often start and finish at easily accessible local meeting points around Milton Keynes.

Finally, we are going to review how we provide emotional support for patients, friends and relatives. We will review our current care and how it could be developed further to meet everyone's needs.

How do I get involved?

If you’d like to find out more about joining and contributing to the Service User Group, please email willenserviceusergroup@willen-hospice.org.uk or call 01908 663636.

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