At Illuminis Insight Software Limited, we sell data insight tools which give manufacturers and distributors the power (on a self-service basis) to mine the information locked up in their business data.

Illuminis Insight Software

However, we don’t just sell software.  Illuminus will work with you to provide a highly customised installation of our tools that is right for your business and your own specific needs.

Our software is a web-based program which uses daily snapshots of your accounts data to deliver information on every aspect of your business which is important to you. (Put it this way, you might come up with a report which we can’t deliver, but no-one has managed this yet!)

If you’re a manufacturing or distribution business and are fed up with spending hours in spreadsheets or have to wait for someone else to provide you with sales purchasing and stock data that’s already out of data then we can probably help.

Illuminis data insight software delivers the reports you need when you need them 24 x 7 on your PC, tablet or smart phone.


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