Maytrix Group

Maytrix Group – the multi-disciplined business providing modern day thinking for today’s workplace needs.

Maytrix has evolved over the years, originally supporting businesses with operational change, a request to source people often followed, which led to coaching and bespoke learning and development. Maytrix RECRUIT | TRAIN | GROW shows the natural evolution of the business, plus Maytrix LAND | LIVING actively showcases the fast growing pace at which Maytrix work to keep up with land opportunities in and around London, the Home Counties and Oxford, Cambridge arc.

It’s a multi disciplinary business, with a diversity of knowledge across the functional areas of industry. This puts the team at Maytrix in a unique position to help clients with revenue growth, execution of strategy, land acquisition, housebuilders and developments and people engagement.

The critical skills span multi-sectors; FMCG, Retail, Wholesale, Travel Retail, B2B, Finance, Tech, Logistics and Insurance.

Maytrix Group’s mission is to teach and disseminate the critical knowledge, skills and values that enable businesses to transform into larger, more innovative and entrepreneurial companies, enhancing their sustainability, and contributing to a robust and resilient economy.

Integrity ,Competence, Judgement, Vision, Humility, Ambitious and Competitive – words we live by.

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