Go Blue for Willen Hospice

Go Blue For Willen this March

Blue make up, blue outfits, blue hair! Have some fun and raise money for Willen Hospice from 1- 17 March by holding blue-themed fundraising events with your colleagues, school, friends and family.

Go Blue for Willen is all about having fun but the money raised is invaluable to Willen Hospice. We need to raise £9 a minute every day of the year to carry on supporting people in our local community who are living with life limiting illnesses. Every penny truly does count. 

Ideas on how to get involved

Dress in blue

Hold a ‘dress blue’ day at your workplace or school. Go subtle with a blue nails, or all out with top to toe denim, blue wig and feather boa – it’s entirely up to you!

Make a swear box

Do your colleagues turn the air blue? Tell anyone who accidentally slips up to put £1 in a swear box.

Pay to play a game

Get together with your friends, family or colleagues for a fun afternoon or hour of gaming. There’s Change the Tune, play the same song over and over – whoever cracks first has to pay to ‘change the tune’ (top points for a blue-themed playlist), pay to play the Origami Olympics, go player Vs player and see who can fold the most origami swans in just one minute,Guess Who?, everyone puts up a photo and you guess which photo belongs to which person, it could be a picture of you as a baby, your pets, or maybe the contents of your fridge. Or keep it simple with a game of bingo, a quiz, or board games.

Blue bake sale

Bake (or buy) blue cakes and other sweet treats and sell to your colleagues, friends or family for a donation. 

Hold your boss or teacher ransom

This is one for all of the ‘good sports’ out there. If they’re up for it, gaffer tape your boss or teacher to the wall, £1 a minute to keep them up longer, or maybe an ‘escape room’ where they pay for clues, keys or a phone call.

More ideas for schools

Blue Messy Play Day 

Create a blue goop with corn flour, water and blue food colouring - hours of fun and great for sensory play. For less mess, shred blue paper to make a mountain for children to throw, dig, bury, wherever their imagination takes them. Kids can pay to play. 

Creating a swan

See what materials you can get together to make your very own 3D Willen Hospice Swan. Kids can bring £1 in to 'sponsor the swan'. 

Hold a bake sale

Encourage pupils to bake or bring in cakes for a bake sale to raise money for Willen Hospice. 

Please volunteer for us!

We simply could not raise money without the help of local people like you in our community. If you can spare a couple of hours to hold a collection bucket for us, please see more.

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Event dates

Fri Mar 1st 2019 to Sun Mar 17th 2019

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