The Seafarer

Venue: Chrysalis Theatre

The year is 1670, a time of war in the Spanish Main. His Majesty’s ship ‘White Rose’ is returning home to Bristol after a lengthy voyage from the Caribbean.

The Captain and his Cabin Boy, Jack Hawkins (the Seafarer), are standing at the gunwales as the ship prepares to dock in their home port of Bristol. The story begins…

This story was written by Mel Hall, a patient at Willen Hospice, and set to music by Bob Stott and Steve Royle. All proceeds will go directly to Willen Hospice.

Saturday 27 April, The Chrysalis Theatre
Matinee: 3pm
Evening performance: 7:30pm
Ticket price: £10

The tale is fictional, although the circumstances and some of the characters have been taken from history. Some traditional sea shanties and all of the music is either traditional or newly composed. All rights have been gifted to Willen Hospice by the author and composers. This Musical Play will be performed by actors and musicians from the local area without any funding.

PRICE: £ 0.00

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