Will Month

Have you thought about writing or updating your Will?

We can help you with this all-important step! We've partnered with trusted local solicitors who will write your Will in exchange for a donation to Willen Hospice.

“People often ask when the best time to write a will is. There’s no definitive answer but it is usually when you acquire an asset like cash or property, or when you have children or get married  - any big events in your life. You should consider updating your will any time you have a change of family circumstances, financial circumstances or there are any changes in the inheritance tax laws. Some people put off writing a will but once they’ve done it they often say it’s brought them a great sense of relief”  - Shireena Sheridan, Solicitor at Tollers LLP

Once you have decided to go ahead, here are 3 steps to follow.

Step 1 - Find your Solicitor
Getting a meeting with someone is the first step. Here is a list of all the solicitors who have kindly offered their services to Willen Hospice.

Step 2 - Choose an executor and decide on the kinds of gifts you wish to leave.
An executor is a person who carries out the wishes you have specified in your Will.

Put together a list of your assets such as the value of your house, car, savings, jewellery, stocks and shares and what you owe (the outstanding balance of your mortgage, overdrafts, bank loans and other debts). List anything you want to leave, together with the full names and addresses of who you want to benefit.

Types of gifts:

  • Specific gifts or items.

  • A residuary gift. A gift that can be made once all debts have been paid and any fixed gifts given, often a portion of your estate, divided into percentages.

  • A pecuniary gift. This is a specific amount of money.

Step 3 - Contact a solicitor to have your Will written.
Your solicitor will give you an opportunity to make a donation to Willen Hospice in return for their Will writing service. The suggested minimum donation for a codicil (a change to your Will) is £50, a basic Will £125 and a pair of mirror Wills £200.

We need to raise £9 every minute to continue offering our specialist, compassionate care to people who face end of life illnesses. Your generous gift will help us to care for more patients and their families.

If you would like to find out more about writing your Will, please complete the enquiry form below or call Lisa Kinrade on 01908 303068 or lisa.kinrade@willen-hospice.org.uk 

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