Dying Matters Awareness Week 2023


What is Dying Matters?

Dying Matters is a campaign driven by Hospice UK to create an open culture in which we’re comfortable talking about death, dying and grief.

We feel this video is a great place to start Dying is not as bad as you think’ | BBC Ideas – YouTube

If Dying Matters – then it matters at work too

The theme for this year’s Dying Matters Awareness Week 2023 is Dying Matters at work. 

Stigma around grieving, and a lack of understanding about what it means to be unwell and what happens when you’re dying, mean that too many of us are struggling to cope when faced with life’s inevitable challenges. And the workplace is no exception.

We spend so much of our lives at work – and we shouldn’t have to hide our experiences of death and dying from our colleagues, our peers, or our bosses. We want to create open and compassionate society where we are comfortable facing the realities of dying, death and grief.

By talking to those around you, you can help us make sure that workplaces are properly set up to support people who are ill, who are caring for those around them, or who have lost someone close to them.

How to get involved

Anyone can get involved in Dying Matters Awareness Week – whether with friends and family, with your company or in the community.

All you need to do is start a conversation. It might feel a little daunting but we have lots of resources below to help you start talking and normalising the topic. We promise it is easier than you might think.

Thank you for helping to break the stigma and create a more open, compassionate society.

Starting the conversations

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