Willen at Home

Who are we?

We are a multi-professional palliative care team of Clinical Nurse Specialists, Registered Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and Specialist Doctors, based at Willen Hospice.

We visit you in your own home or see you in the outpatient clinic at Willen Hospice.

We work alongside the key professionals providing your care, such as your GP, District Nurse, hospital specialist or home care agency.

We provide a specialist service based on assessing and meeting your needs and those of your family.
What do we do?

We work with you and your family to identify your health and care needs and do our utmost to ensure these are met.

We support you to plan for the future so that as far as possible you get the care you want in the place of your choice.

We help you record your wishes in an Advance Care Plan so that everyone involved in your care knows what is important to you.

We are specialists in managing complex symptoms and understand that your psychological and spiritual needs are just as important as physical problems.

We work closely with the Inpatient Unit at Willen Hospice. Where needed we refer to other professionals in the Willen team such as the Physiotherapist, Lymphoedema Nurses, Chaplain, Wellbeing Centre or Patient and Family Services. If your symptoms are not settling with management at home, it may be possible to admit you to the hospice for a few days so that you can be monitored more closely.

Who can refer patients to Willen at Home?

We accept referrals from healthcare professionals, including:

Hospital Consultants
Hospital Advanced Nurse Practitioners
District Nurses

Patients referred to Willen Hospice can contact the team between 7.30am and 8.00pm seven days a week. If you are a patient or a family member wishing to speak to the Hospice at Home team, please call 01908 663636.

Thank you for supporting Willen Hospice

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