In-Patient Care

Our In-Patient Unit (IPU) offers specialist, compassionate care to our patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year...

When you or your loved one stay in our In-Patient Unit you will receive personalised care to suit your needs. You will stay in one of our 15 private bedrooms that are light and airy; several have verandas overlooking the beautiful Willen Lake.

IPU at Willen Hospice

Our highly trained doctors and nurses, known by their first names, will look after you, supported by our housekeeping and fantastic catering team who cook delicious meals and snacks on site. Not forgetting our volunteers who help across the whole unit.

Our Rooms

Each room is well-equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment to ensure you are comfortable and pain-free. They also include a television with built-in DVD player that can receive both television and radio channels. You are welcome to use one of our CD players to listen to music. A selection of newspapers are delivered daily. Free WiFi is available throughout our Hospice.

There are no set visiting hours. Your friends and loved ones can visit and stay as long as they want to. We can also provide meals for your visitors. Simply ask for a menu and price list at Reception.

IPU at Willen Hospice

Pets are welcome to visit you - dogs are regular visitors and we even had a horse once!

Our Garden Room provides an area for families to relax with a cup of tea, enjoying a view of the lake. It also includes a range of toys and games for children to play with. Our grounds provide the perfect place for children to run around and explore, with adult supervision.

Referrals to our In-Patient Unit can be made by GPs, Hospital Consultants, members of the Willen at Home team, District Nurses and Social Services from Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. Patients can also refer themselves but should this be the case, the patient's GP will always be contacted to confirm details.

Refer a patient.

Our Location

The Hospice is set alongside the stunning location of Willen Lake. The view can be enjoyed from our Lakeview Room, where comfy sofas, tea & coffee making facilities and binoculars are available. Here's a 360 degree view of the Hospice.

Our garden has a path running through it with several benches and is available for patients and visitors to use throughout the year.

Family Room

Our In-Patient Unit has one family room where your family and loved ones can stay overnight. To find out the availability of the family room, please call 01908 663636 or email

We are also happy for your loved one to stay in your room, next to your bed. Please do not hesitate to ask about this.

Infection Control

We pride ourselves on delivering high standards of care with particular attention paid to maintaining standards with hygiene care and infection control. If you're visiting the In-Patient Unit, please help us by using the hand wash gel facilities as necessary.

Advance Care Planning

Well laid plans can give you and your loved ones peace of mind. You can record your wishes for your future or end of life care in an Advance Care Plan which others can refer to if they need to make decisions on your behalf.

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