Supporting You and Your Family

Wherever you are in your palliative journey, our Therapeutic and Wellbeing team are here to help you in the most holistic way we can. These are not only your physical challenges that are part of your diagnosis, but also the emotional and spiritual aspects of facing end of life.

We try to think of you as a whole person with many different needs. We'll help you to keep physically active for longer, and help you with your with social interaction and supporting your family, children, carers and friends.

At the beginning of your journey you may not need as much support physically, but you may need someone to talk to about the emotional impact, knowing that your life may be shorter than you wanted it to be. We are here to help you in how that affects those around you, and we can help you to reach your goals and concentrate on the things that are important to you.

Please see our Coronavirus resources, tips and videos to help you at this difficult time.

Thank You