Lymphoedema is a swelling to a region of the body - one of the major causes being cancer and its treatments.

It can be a long term condition, present at the time of the treatment for cancer or can occur years later. This condition is known as Secondary Lymphoedema (Primary Lymphoedema is a condition present from birth and results from an underdevelopment of the lymphatic system).

Lymphoedema Team
Who can be treated?

The Willen Hospice Lymphoedema Service accepts referrals from other health care professionals. Treatment is offered to:

  • Individuals who have Lymphoedema due to life limiting conditions.

  • Adults with or at risk of Secondary Lymphoedema due to cancer or its treatments.

  • Early onset congenital Primary Lymphoedema diagnosis following lymphoscintograpy.

Can Lymphoedema be treated?

Lymphoedema cannot be cured but can be managed with treatments and healthy living. The intention of the Willen Hospice Lymphoedema Service is to support people with lymphoedema and its symptoms to improve quality of life. 

Planned care may include:

  • Skin care

  • Exercise

  • Compression therapy garments

  • Bandaging

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Lymphatic taping

Who provides the treatment?

One of our nurses or therapists who has received specialist training and is a member of the British Lymphology Society will treat you. The Willen Hospice Lymphoedema Service is based at The Well near the Hospice, and services are offered on an outpatient basis. Patients can also be treated within our In-Patient Unit at the Hospice and within the community.

Get in touch

You can contact the Willen Hospice Lymphoedema Service on 01908 663636 or email

Further resources

The Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN) is a national patient organisation which provides information about lymphoedema and people’s experience of living with the condition. Their website is and their number is 0202 7351 4480.

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