Spiritual Care

Receiving a diagnosis could stir up strong emotions and anxieties. If you need  need to talk to someone, we are here to help.

You might experience a sense of disbelief, anger, sadness or fear; be disturbed by regrets or unsettling memories, or question things in your own life.
Steve Case, Spiritual Team Lead
How we can support you

We can help you whether you are a patient, a friend or a loved one, whether you have a faith or not. 

We have an office on the In-Patient unit and welcome you to pop in any time we are there.

You can contact our spiritual support team at the Hospice on 01908 663636 ext. 245, or chaplain@willen-hospice.org.uk or ask any other member of Hospice staff to introduce you to Steve Case or his team.

The Quiet Room

Our Hospice has a Quiet Room, where you can hang a thought on the prayer tree or simply take time out to gather your thoughts. For those who wish it, there is opportunity for prayer, Holy Communion, or even weddings and blessings. We can also put you in touch with other faith or community leaders of your choice.


Thank You