Facing Loss and Bereavement

Many people seem to find it difficult to have conversations about dying and death. It seems that we can talk to our peers but not to our families. These resources are designed for everyone; to help us start to talk to those around us - our family and friends, grown up children, and our grandchildren.

This booklet is designed to help start those conversations. To help everyone to feel empowered and confident to talk about death, to ask questions of each other, to listen, to be sure what all of our loved ones would like to happen when death comes.

Visit the Cruse Bereavement Care website for valuable information about dealing with grief and bereavement. It covers some of the different situations and emotions bereaved people may have to deal with.

More resources:

Download our Guide to Parents Supporting a Bereaved Child leaflet.

Download our Understanding Bereavement and Grief for Teenagers leaflet.

Watch this video for advice on how to support bereaved children at this difficult time:

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