Joshua Fuller, aged 11, has been camping in his garden for a whole year to raise money for Willen Hospice. His family will be celebrating the anniversary of his achievement on the evening of Sunday 30 June.


Joshua’s grandma, Mary was cared for by the Hospice when he was just two years old, meaning Willen has always had a special place in mum Emily’s heart. Just last month, Joshua’s grandad, Peter, was also cared for by the Hospice and  sadly died in at the Hospice. This has strengthened Joshua’s resolve to continue camping and fundraising. So far, he has raised £1,300 of his £2,500 target. But we need your help to make sure Joshua’s reaches his target by his 1 year anniversary!


Joshua’s inspiration to start ‘camping for care’ was Max Woosey from Devon, who camped in his garden for three years, and he is determined to beat Max’s record! Through Storm Isha and rainy summers, Joshua has been in his tent on the patio of the family home, sleeping soundly. 


“He has no problem sleeping,” says Emily. “Even if the air goes out of his air bed, he’ll still sleep through it. When we went on a family holiday to my sister’s house in Ibiza, she bought Joshua a little pop-up tent that we put down the side of the house so he could carry on camping. I keep trying to tell him that he should be proud of himself. He says, ‘yeah, yeah, whatever’. He’s a keen Scout and the Scouts are looking into whether they can create a special badge for him for doing this.”


At Christmas, Joshua was particularly concerned about where Father Christmas might leave his presents, because of his change in sleeping arrangements. So to make sure he didn’t miss out, we invited Joshua along to our Grotto as a special guest, to collect his present from Santa. He also joined us for our Santa Dash fundraising event with his family!


Please support this incredible young man to reach his 1 year target.