This year marks our 15th Willen Hospice Midnight Moo, and we know some of you have been joining us right from the beginning. We’ve looked back through the archives to see how things have changed since 2009.


2009 “The one where it all began”

As the UK was in the grip of a recession, donations to the Hospice dropped significantly. To keep our doors open and avoid cutting services, we needed to do something huge. We planned our first-ever mass participation event and called it… The Midnight Moo. It was a 5 or 10 mile walk for women only, with pit stops along the way.  A roaring success, it raised a lifeline of £100,000. 



2010 ” The one where you raised £225,000″

This year we were pretty in pink -The second Midnight Moo was eagerly anticipated and this time raised the highest amount in its history – a staggering £225,000.


2011 ” The one where we met Jaff “

Building on the success of the 2010 event, our Moo T shirt turned green. This was the first year that our good friend Jaff ( who sadly died last year) and her Bosom Pals  marshalled Mile 1 of the Midnight Moo.



2012 ” The one that was orange”

The world was getting ready to see London host the Olympics,  and we had a lovely lady join the herd all the way from Canada!


2013 ” The Blue Moo”

Still a ladies only event we changed the minimum age of Moo-ers to 14 years, it remains the same today, but open to everyone. We also held a Moo Training session at Willen Pavillion!

2014 ” The one where we did the multi-coloured Moo”

It’s our fifth Moo so we embraced our multi-coloured Moo T-shirts and encouraged previous Moo-ers to wear the choice of Moo shirt! We saw a rainbow of white, pink, green, orange and blue moo-ers! Since our first Moo in 2009 our annual fundraiser  has now raised an incredible £800,000 to help us to continue to care for local families who need us most. 



2015 “The one with the Moo awards ceremony”

You brought the sunshine to the night with our bright yellow Moo T-Shirts in 2015! We also hosted a prestigious Moo fundraising awards ceremony at Pret a Manger awards included Best Dressed Individual, Best dressed Team, Highest Fundraising Team and  highest Individual fundraiser! You are all winners in our eyes!



2016 ” The one where we were superheroes”

2016 saw the first year  that we MOO-ved away from an image of Flo on our MOO T-shirts! Superheroes was the theme and we welcome a herd of caped crusaders! Hospice Heroes through and through.



2017 “The one where we went Golden”

In honour of MK’s 50th Birthday, 2017 was the year of “The Golden Moo”. It was very much all about the gold tinsel wigs and Midsummer place was in the midst of the “Intu” era. 



2018 “The one with the FlashMob”

The theme for 2018 was Disco! You sparkled and shone your way around MK and our Flash Mob took shoppers by surprise in the run up to the Moo this year, thanks to MK Dance Centre! 


2019 “The one with the Men’s Midday Moo “

We held our first Midday Moo event, inspired by the Midnight Moo but for men only and taking place during the day. The following year, both events were opened up for anyone to take part. 



2020 “The one where we were a cow apart”

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything, worldwide. At the Hospice, we were on stand-by to become an overflow for the hospital, and our nurses, doctors and volunteers were caring for COVID-19 patients at the end of their lives. At the same time, we had to alter or cancel most of our fundraising events, devastating our income. But, in true Moo spirit, our community came together for us – just like they did in 2009. Hundreds of people dressed up in their best 1920s fancy dress for the ‘All New Moo’. They walked their own course, from their doorsteps, and in small groups, making sure they stayed ‘one cow apart’. We  roared into the ‘20s with our theme, we’ve also launched a new Moo Night Run. 



2021 “The one where we got together again”

It was our first event post-pandemic. We we celebrated the Hospice’s 40th anniversary, since opening our doors in 1981, we had to give the Moo a 1980s theme! This was our first big event after more than a year of lockdown, so we held the ‘Moo weekender’ with our Midnight Moo on the Friday and Midday Moo on the Saturday. The event was open to everyone! It was also held at Stadium MK.


2022 ” The one with the Moo dance”

A makeover was due, with the Midnight Moo taking on a new purple look. The theme for this year was the “Summer of Moo” and we added a cool festival vibe!


2023 “The one when MK became a city”

Our biggest Midnight Moo since before the pandemic – more than 1,000 people signed up to take part. To celebrate MK becoming a city we declared 2023’s theme as the “City of Stars” Flo had proudly wore some Star shaped glasses as we asked our herd to “Light up the night”.


2024 ?   

Will you be a part of MOO history?  Join the herd at our Midnight Moo on Friday 12 July . This year’s theme is our inspiration – MK’s unofficial mascot and our actual mascot, the cow!