Willen wedding: a heartfelt celebration for Lucy and Gareth

Last month, we had the honour of hosting a beautiful wedding for our lovely patient Lucy and her devoted partner, Gareth. This special day took place in our Lakeview Room. It was transformed into a dream venue thanks to the hard work and love of our Clinical, Retail, Catering, Maintenance and Marketing teams.

Friends and family travelled from across the country to be there. Our amazing nurses took on the role of make-up artists for Lucy. The Catering team created a wedding cake, and our Receptionist Nicole arranged the flowers.

Ellie from our Marketing team became the wedding photographer, capturing memories for the couple’s young children. Our gardener, Tom, added a magical touch by mowing the bride and groom’s initials into the lawn and scattering rose petals in a heart shape.

We were incredibly lucky to have been part of Lucy and Gareth’s special day and are grateful to them for allowing us to share their story.

A day to remember

Reflecting on the day, Lucy shared:

“The wedding was just one of those moments I thought I’d never have. It was absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Almost all my family could make it. Only Gareth’s sister couldn’t come, but she visited the next day for the blessing. I’ve been suffering with headaches, but luckily I felt okay on the day.

“We’ve been engaged for about four or five years but hadn’t gotten around to getting married. It’s just unfortunate that circumstances brought the wedding forward. Gareth proposed to me on Dunstable Downs because he knows I like things to be low key. So he did it quite privately.”

Congratulations, Lucy and Gareth. Your love story has touched our hearts, reminding us all to cherish every moment.