Lockdown dog grooming for beginners – 28 March

Brushing and combing masterclass

Time: 12pm

Cost: £10

Is your dog looking a little ruff? Join our Lockdown dog grooming class, streamed live via Zoom, to learn useful tips and tricks to keep your pooch presentable until the dog groomers are back open.*

The session will be taught by professional dog groomer, Toni from Marablitz Dog Grooming. She’ll be showing you how to…

  • Correctly and safely handle your dog
  • Brushing and combing techniques
  • Other handy hints

You will need…

  • Your dog!
  • A dog brush
  • A comb

*Dog groomers are currently open for essential appointments only, where it is necessary for the animal’s welfare.

Toni has a personal connection to Willen Hospice, this is her reason for hosting this event:

“In 2013 my Dad was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer at the age of just 52 years old, he had previously lost his beloved sister to the same illness and having witnessed and experienced the care and devotion that Willen had offered he knew there was no place he would rather spend his final days, he had also expressed how he knew that when the time came the staff would be able to care for me and guide me with my loss.

Unfortunately my Dad’s illness progressed much faster than we had anticipated, after he had taken a turn for the worst at hospital I called Willen and was enveloped in the care they provide. We arranged transportation for my Dad and although very weak, he made it there. Unbeknown to me, my Dad was given the very same room that his sister had passed away in and for a brief moment my Dad opened his eyes and took in his environment, he seemed so relaxed and at peace to be where he chose but also comforted to be in his sister’s room.

My younger brother and I stayed with my Dad for the entire night, undisturbed. The following morning most of our family arrived again to see how he was doing and to offer their support. Myself, my brother, my aunt and my cousin were by my Dad’s side when he took his final breath and although the pain of losing him so quickly tore my heart in half, I was held together by the care of the staff. Being able to have somewhere so comfortable and homely that allowed my family to be with him until the end is a service that goes above and beyond the call of a simple service; it is a caring cocoon that envelopes you and allows you not only comfort in your final moments, but also care for your loved ones you will be leaving behind.”

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