You said - we did

How we respond to complaints at Willen Hospice

You said We did

Willen is choosy about the patients admitted

  • Explain that sometimes we do not admit patients who are already being seen at another healthcare provider, such as the hospital or nursing home. This may be because the treatment they are receiving is appropriate; because it would worsen their condition if we were to move them; we may not have enough beds.

  • Describe that each case is reviewed carefully, usually by a multi-disciplinary group of staff. We hope in this way to make completely fair decisions – but we admit that we do not always get this right.

Your relative was given pain relieving medication without your knowledge

  • Make it clear how we decide on medication doses.

  • Explain what an average dose would be and the side effects.

  • Share details of patient care.

  • Describe that sometimes the patient wishes to make a decision without his family being informed.

We restrict visitors to Willen Hospice

You wanted to be more hands-on with your relative

Your relative was sometimes in pain


Your relative was not eating and drinking enough

  • Explain that there is open visiting, 24/7, at Willen, but we try to make sure that patients do not get exhausted by having too many visitors.

  • Apologise that you felt you were unable to carry out some nursing tasks – we try to involve families as much as they wish.

  • Explain that sometimes, no matter how hard we work to avoid it, patients do suffer pain. It is our constant aim to try and provide a variety of pain relief – not just medications, but using alternative therapies too.

  • Eating and drinking is often the last thing on the patient’s mind – they feel poorly and have no wish to eat or drink – this is normal. We would always offer drinks, and ice too, if the patient is unable to drink, but sometimes our patients just want to sleep and all our care is planned individually for every patient.

We wanted to smoke outside at night and this was not allowed

  • Relatives can go out at any time of day, but at night after 9pm, for security and to enable us to care for the patients, we lock the outside doors, and we inform relatives that this is the case.

Complaint about a member of staff


Complained about not being able to get in and out of the Hospice at night

Complained of laughter in the corridors


  • Apologised for any misunderstanding, hurtful comments and poor practice on behalf of themember of staff; described our communication training for staff

  • Described the need for security at night as we are an isolated building and need to care for the patients at night.


  • Explain that there is joy in the Hospice as well as sorrow, and happy memories being discussed, and we feel that this is totally appropriate, even though it can sometimes be difficult to hear.

My medication was wrong but was rectified when I pointed it out

  • Review of skills of nurses and regular tests on drug calculations.

My TV was not programmed properly

  • TVs and access to internet is reviewed and checked regularly.

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