Working at Willen

The staff at Willen Hospice are passionate about their mission of being ‘always there to care’

Some staff  have concerns when applying for a job in a Hospice, fearing that working with terminally ill patients could be depressing. In reality, they find that Willen is light, bright, and full of positivity and laughter. 

Willen care

Staffing ratios on the In-Patient Unit are higher than in the NHS. We aim to maintain a higher proportion of qualified staff, supported by a team of auxiliaries and volunteers. This ensures that staff have more time to interact with both patients, carers and their families, and are able to offer higher quality nursing care.

The Willen team

There are many different roles within Willen Hospice and many do not require direct patient contact.  In addition to the clinical teams there is a large network of staff  supporting day to day running, income generation and administration. These staff may even be based in different buildings.  However, they are all part of the Willen Team  tasked with a common aim to ensure provision of  the best possible care for patients.

Could you be a Willen person?

Although the mix of roles here is very varied, all team members demonstrate passion and enthusiasm for the work they do, each playing a critical role in the delivery of our overall mission. Our standards are high; we expect a commitment to doing the best job possible, continually looking to improve the way we operate to ensure our patients can benefit from the highest standards of care. A positive approach, a good sense of humour and a desire to work as part of the team are essential!   If you enjoy being part of a motivated team then Willen has a lot to offer.

Please do take a look at our current vacancies to see if there is a role for you.  If you'd like to find out more, visit our Your questions answered page.

Thank You