Willen Hospice

How we are funded

To continue to offer our care, we need to raise around £9 every minute from the local community

Our services are free to those we care for but to continue to offer that care we need to raise around £4.7million every year.

The annual running costs of the Hospice is around £5.9 million - we're very grateful to have around a quarter of these costs met by the NHS. The remaining amount needs to be raised from the local community and without the support, dedication and generosity of people just like you, we couldn't provide the care we do.

How you can help

Set up a regular donation to support our work

There are many different ways you can fundraise for us. Check out our fundraising pages for inspiration

Find one of our events that's just right for you

Play our weekly lottery

Donate items or shop in one of our shops

Thank You