Supporting Health and Social Care Students

Supporting student education

At Willen Hospice we believe it is important to use our skills to train the next generation of Health & Social Care professionals.

We have links with several universities to help students gain practical skills in palliative care. This can include nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, doctors, paramedics and art therapists who stay with us for anything from a day to several weeks.

All students work alongside an experienced member of staff during their time here. If you would prefer not to have a student involved with your care, that fine, just let one of our staff know.

Clinical placements and visits

Willen Hospice offers a range of placements for both qualified and trainee health and allied professionals who have an interest in specialist palliative care. Find out more about our clinical placements.

What our students say

“My name is Promise (left) and I’m a third year final student at the University of Bedfordshire. Having the opportunity to come to Willen Hospice for placement has been amazing. It’s good to see the holistic care the nurses deliver to patients in their own home. Not just for patients really, but for families as well, who are going through a lot, considering the prognosis of their family member. Being part of a team who are very supportive and considering the atmosphere, the very sad atmosphere, they’re all bringing something positive to the team and to students as well. Supporting you achieve the skills you have come for and looking through what the school is expecting you to achieve and helping you to achieve them. It’s really amazing and I would say that every university should adopt this to allow students to have the opportunity to go to the Hospice and see what they do and be able to learn as well. Sometimes in a hospital you don’t get to see the end of life of patients; you only see them discharged and you don’t see what happens afterwards. I’m really having a good time and hope it all goes well.”

“My name is Alicia (right) and I’m a second year student from the University of Northampton and I have had the humble experience of coming to Willen Hospice to learn. Coming to Willen Hospice helped me to learn a lot about palliative care and how we can help people at end of life. One of the things that surprised me while coming here, that I wasn’t aware, is that they have their own doctors on site and for me that was a helpful for a lot families and patients because it gives them the reassurance of understanding how their treatment is dealt with. Also, if they have any questions, it can be quite a personal and one to one area. There are lovely people working here, and since I have been here, I’ve learned quite a lot with the team who are very close, and compassionate and they’re also very thoughtful when the families are coming in.”

More information

The Hospice welcomes students from across Health & Social Care professions, recognising their need to gain practical skills as part of their education. Contact us at

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