Clinical placements or visits

Willen Hospice offers a range of placements for both qualified and trainee health and allied professionals with an interest in specialist palliative care.

We are delighted to receive applications for placements at the Hospice. Please remember that it takes time to consider requests and put the necessary arrangements in place in a small organisation. Students should apply early in a placement so that we can meet individual needs.

A variety of students working locally are welcome can come and spend time at Willen Hospice to gain an awareness of its End of Life role. This could include allied health professions, Adult Care Nurses and Child Care Nurses.

We have Service Level Agreements with the University of Northampton and University of Bedfordshire for those currently completing their Nursing Programme Pathways, and therefore all student nurse placements come via their university.

Professionals – Who Can Visit?

We welcome request from all health care professionals who wish to learn more about Palliative and End of Life care, our services and when the right time to refer to our services are; including:

  • General Practitioners
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Emergency Care Practitioners
  • Social Workers
  • Chaplains
  • Allied Health Professionals who work with palliative/end of life patients
  • Health and Social Care Undergraduates

For anyone interesting on arranging a visit at Willen Hospice please complete application form and send to



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We can only provide the care we do thanks to the incredible generosity of our community, through their continued volunteering, fundraising and donations throughout the year. Your donation will enable us to continue providing care and support to those facing a life-limiting diagnosis, and to support their loved ones.