Learn the Moo dance!

Myra Tiffin Performing Arts School has kindly choreographed our very own Moo dance so you can show your Moo’ves this summer! Learn all or parts of the dance, upload it to your socials and share it with us #ShowUsYourMooves. You can also email it to marketing@willen-hospice.org.uk.

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Left first! Heel, toe, front, clap, clap!

Then right! Heel, toe, front, clap, clap!

Punch the air, pony, pony!

Mash potato, shimmy, shimmy!

Left again! Kick, toe, front, clap, clap!

Right! Kick, toe, back, clap, clap!

Round the world, and round the world!

Twist, twist, twist, twist and point!

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