In 1981, the same year Soft Cell released Tainted Love, Lady Diana Spencer married Charles, Prince of Wales, and Beyonce was born, a small former farm opened its doors as the only adult Hospice in the new town of Milton Keynes. 40 years on, we’re inviting you to embrace the 80s for our Moo Weekender and raise money for Willen Hospice.

Here are some 80s ideas and inspiration to go with your Moo Weekender 2021 t-shirt…

Stranger Things

Baggy trousers, bright colours, scrunchies, denim and short shorts. You only need to watch the Stranger Things Season 3 trailer for 80s inspiration (spoiler alert!).


Madonna, Duran Duran, Cyndi Lauper. In the 80s, where there was music, there was a style icon. You can go gothic style with Madonna’s black net and cross necklaces, or oversized padded blazers and a can of hair spray for a Duran Duran tribute.

Hip hop

Don’t fancy the 80s glam? How about the 80’s hip hop? Brightly coloured tracksuits, baggy jackets, big chains, and a boom box. You come dressed for the party, and we’ll bring the tunes!


Want something that’s easy to walk in? What better than the 80s leotard, sweatband and leg warmers? Bright colours without leaving much to the imagination, the classic lycra leotard is a strong choice.


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