Palliative care at Willen Hospice is made up of teams of medical professionals whose approach is centred around improving the quality of life of patients with a life-limiting condition.

As palliative care professionals, we understand that a life-limiting illness affects people in lots of different ways, including physical, psychological, social, spiritual and emotional factors. We provide assessments that see our patients as a ‘whole person’, addressing what is important to them, what they would like to achieve and their individual experiences. We can then work together with patients and their families to find the best support for everyone. 

Laura is our Clinical Psychologist and she explained how our Psychology and Counselling team help our patients and their families when they need us.

“The Willen Hospice Therapeutic and Wellbeing service consists of a range of different professionals working together to support our patients and their families. Specifically, our Psychology and Counselling team are dedicated to helping our patients and their family members with regards to their mental health needs, through individual sessions, couples/family work and in a group setting. We see patients and their families at all stages and compassionately support people to work towards the meaningful goals they hold, and learn strategies to support their psychological wellbeing in a way that is empowering and person-centred.” 

Most people expect to be very upset or distressed when someone close to them has died. What often takes many people by surprise is how strong the emotions can be, how they can change very quickly, and how long they last.

“People around you may seem to think you should be ‘back to normal’ after a few weeks or months. You might appear to be your usual self to other people, but you know that on the inside, you’re not even sure what normal is anymore.” – Charlotte, Bereavement Counsellor

Laura also shared her thoughts on World Mental Health Day;

“While mental health must be acknowledged and supported all year round, World Mental Health Day gives an opportunity to decrease stigma and increase awareness and support for mental health, as we talk about it openly. Just as we have physical health needs, we also have mental health needs, and different life events and stressors can impact on our mental health. When we experience good mental health, we are more able to enjoy life, connect with others and live in line with the values that are important to us. Remember to take a moment this World Mental Health Day to connect with the people you care about, do something you enjoy, and be kind to yourself.” 

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