As part of the new Willen Hospice building, this stunning art installation welcomes visitors, patients, colleagues and volunteers on the approach to our Hospice café.

Serving as a celebration of the kindness of individuals, groups of individuals and organisations who have enabled us to become the Hospice we are today and plan for our future generations.

‘Eternal Ripples’ by Lufeianna 

“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” – Dalai Lama, 2013 

‘Eternal ripples’ is inspired by our beautiful lakeside location and celebrates the impact of a single donation. Just like a single pebble dropped into a lake can ripple onwards with far reaching effect, often beyond what our own eyes can see, a single donation to Willen Hospice can have a greater impact than any one of us can imagine, touching the lives of the many people who need our care as well as their families and friends. 

The ripples are constructed from mesh metal giving a sense of fluidity and embedded within the ripples are mirror plates which echo the reflective nature of the lake and the potential to give we see within ourselves. The play of lighting on the material with its reflections, shadows, texture and optical illusion of movement creates a welcoming, inspiring and comforting space.  Just like Willen Hospice is to all those who come through our doors. 

Lufeianna is a local artist who lives and works in Milton Keynes having moved from Taiwan two years ago. Lufeianna’s art has been previously shortlisted for a number of awards including the Sir John Hurt Art Prize and the The Lady Petchey Sculpture Prize. Her work has also exhibited at MK Gallery and the Westbury Arts Centre. Lufeianna has been commissioned to create this special installation because her creative practice which centres on mindfulness – a journey in search of self, peace and tranquillity – complements the values of Willen Hospice and our care aspirations. Willen Hospice is a charity close to Lufeianna’s heart as her family have experienced and benefitted from our specialist care.