Janet Williams, the daughter of the late Pat Green, shares her mother’s memories of her time volunteering at Willen Hospice

“Mum first became involved with the Hospice late in 1980, by joining the League of Friends of the Hospice. In her words, she was ‘one of the Oldies’, and Mum would say ‘don’t forget the Oldies’, without whom Willen Hospice would not be what it is today.

“She volunteered to take the responsibilities for house to house collecting with boxes in Hanslope, general fundraising and was known to always have knitting on the go. With her husband Dick, they could often be found at Betty Morgan’s barn, long before the time of Hospice shops and warehouses, helping to sort items of clothing, bric a brac, toys and more.

“When the Hospice opened its In-Patient Services in 1981, Mum would leave work on a Wednesday and go over to the Hospice to help with making the supper and washing up. She loved helping everyone, and soon she could be found helping the nurses on Monday and Saturday
mornings as well. When Princess Diana visited the Hospice on 23 January 1986, Mum was one of the people to be invited. This was a memory she treasured for the remainder of her life.

“Mum came to spend her last hours in a peaceful, loving, caring, friendly environment of Willen Hospice after spending
over a month on a COVID Ward.

She died in Willen Hospice on 5 March 2021, at peace. All our thanks go to Willen Hospice, carry on your good work.”