In the space of a year, our Lymphoedema Clinical Nurse specialists provided 2447 treatments at our Out-Patient clinic, yet many people aren’t aware of the condition and it’s treatment as part of specialist palliative care.

Lymphoedema is condition that often occurs alongside life-limiting illnesses and following cancer and cancer treatment. We also treat  Patients with a  confirmed diagnosis of Primary Lymphoedema.

The condition presents as extreme swelling in certain regions of the body, the symptoms  can be very painful without early treatment and affect a patient’s quality of life considerably, both physically and psychologically.

Lymphoedema is a lifelong condition, and the role of our service at our clinic is to provide education; monitoring and management advice to promote self-care.

We run a series of  education courses for health professionals in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.  The regular two hour  small group sessions are suitable for registered nurses and health care assistants, based within the Bedford, Luton and Milton Keynes area, who would like to gain or increase their knowledge, assessment skills and care for patients with Lymphoedema.

The team offer a range treatments to ease the swelling,  including medical massage or simple lymphatic drainage techniques that patients can continue as part of a self-care routine.  Other interventions include lymphatic taping, compression garments and specialist Lymphoedema banding treatments, which are demonstrated as part of the education courses.