Lynda Peedle is one of the many patients currently being supported by Willen Hospice. She’s received help not only from our nurses, but also our Therapeutic & Wellbeing services, which we are looking forward to expanding once the extension and refurbishment of the Hospice is complete.

“I was diagnosed with cancer in September last year, during the pandemic. You have to go in and get your diagnosis, for what really amounts to a death sentence, on your own. I had to go into the surgery on my own, no visiting apart from a set time for an hour a day, for only one person. I never got to see my sons or anything, it was an awful time.

“If Willen Hospice wasn’t here, particularly in COVID times, I probably wouldn’t have had any support at all. Willen have been my lifeline. Since being referred I’ve had a doctor helping me with my pain relief, the wonderful Charlotte, a counsellor, helping me mentally come to terms with my diagnosis, I’ve done an art therapy class, and I’ve had reiki with Willen’s Complementary Therapist, Jo, which I’ve never had before, and that is really nice.

“Nurses ring me up to make sure I’m doing all right, and if I need anything, they’re there. They’ve visited at home as well, so I’ve seen them face to face. That’s so reassuring, to know you have these people behind you. Anything that helps you mentally and physically to come to terms with what’s happening, is all a benefit. Just knowing somebody is there, is a benefit. Willen is like a comfort blanket.

“I honestly don’t know how I would’ve coped without Willen, because like I say, it’s been a lifeline. You do get handed a death sentence when they say you you’ve got really serious, very rare sarcoma cancer. I feel like I’m taking it in my stride now because I’ve got the support, there’s a little bubble that supports me. It’s a nice feeling to know you’re not on your own.

For my birthday this year I asked for donations to Willen Hospice. I can’t see the point in presents now really, so instead of birthday money, or Christmas money, I say let’s donate to Willen. You never know when you’re going to need it. I didn’t know I would need it and I’m so grateful that it’s here.

I’ve grown so much respect for the people that do this, and willingly help us. And even through the pandemic, the help has been there. I can’t thank them enough. There isn’t a way to thank them. It’s just amazing.”