Lynda is being supported by the Hospice to relieve the pain and symptoms of her lung cancer. Covid-19 meant she had to shield at home, but a wheelchair provided by our physiotherapist, Nicky, has made a huge difference to her life as lockdown eases. “I went out for the first time in about eight months when I got my wheelchair. It was a real yee-hah moment! My cooker broke so my friend took me to the shops and we had a bite to eat. I was only out three hours but it felt like a day out, it was a fantastic, magical day!

“The Willen at Home nurses have been phoning me throughout lockdown, and Nicky has given me some physio exercises to do. It’s been nice to know there is somebody there I can talk to and ask questions, or if I just want to chat. I’ve got good friends around me, but knowing that the specialists are there to talk to makes such a difference. They’re all so lovely. I feel as if I’ve known them all for years.”