Congratulations to our first prize winner, Samantha


Every year, Willen Hospice hosts a Winter Draw with prizes ranging from £3,000 down to £50.

It’s always an exciting day at the office when we get to draw the winning number and phone our winners.

Samantha was out shopping with her daughter when we phoned her to give her the good news that she had just won the first prize in our Winter Draw. “I never win anything’ she responded jubilantly, hearing that she had won £3,000.

She says “My nan used to play the Willen Hospice Lottery until she died a few years ago at the age of 100. She was a great example to me, so I decided I would also sign up and play every week. Back in the autumn I received a letter about the Winter Draw and now I am so pleased that I sent in my entry”

When asked what she might do with her windfall, Samantha replied “I sadly lost my dad a couple of years ago and so I would love to treat my mum and take her away on holiday…when everything opens up again of course”

Willen Hospice is extremely grateful to everyone who bought Winter Draw tickets as the funds raised are vital to support patient care.

Look out for news of our Summer Draw coming soon!