We were recently invited to visit three primary schools in Milton Keynes with our mascot, Florence Moo, or Flo, as she is affectionately known. We took our Mini Moo on a Mini Roadshow and we think it’s safe to say the children, their teachers, Flo and her Mini Moo crew loved every second!

Flo and our team joined an assembly at each of the schools, where we talked about the importance of our care and how rewarding it is to give back to our community and to help others.

After each assembly, the schools organised for their children to Scoot laps in one area of the playground and run and walk them in another. Flo even borrowed one of her new friend’s scooters for a lap herself, ran and walked along side her Mini Moo friends.

We were so privileged to meet some amazing children and Flo was greeted with smiles, laughter, high fives and hugs wherever she went.  We were especially delighted when many of the children kindly donated a £1 in support of Willen Hospice.

At one school a group of children joined Flo in the Hokey Cokey, and in another our Events Fundraiser Harriet, who is also a dance teacher, taught the children a few of our Moo Dance moves. Keep an eye on our socials for more photos and videos!

It was so lovely to see the joy on the faces of the children and we must admit that, later that day, we had sore face muscles from an enormous amount of smiling!

We hope to see many more on Sunday 7th August at 1030am for our Mini Moo family fundraising event at Willen Lake. Please scoot over and support us if you can.

Find out more and sign up your Mini Moo-ers here

If a similar fundraising event might be something that your child’s school would be interested in, please register your interest by emailing  communityfundraising@willen-hospice.org.uk.