“I can’t recommend Willen Hospice Bridal Boutique enough to any brides-to-be, mothers of the bride or groom. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you will find it there.”

“My Fiancée, Phil and I set a date for our wedding and booked the venue in January 2022, giving ourselves just 10 months to plan our big day. We wanted to keep costs as low as possible, whilst still enjoying a glorious day. I am an avid bargain hunter so I loved the challenge of finding cut price items.”

“I live in Leighton Buzzard and often visit the Willen Hospice shop there. I knew one of the biggest costs for a wedding is “The Dress”, but I didn’t even know where to start looking, as although I knew all the features I didn’t want – I had no idea what I actually wanted. I’d searched online on sites dedicated to pre-loved wedding items, but struggled to imagine the dresses pictured in real life, on my body, so I thought Willen Hospice Bridal Boutique would be a great place to try on lots of different styles to get an idea of what suits my body shape, without the pressure to buy a dress.”

“I booked an appointment over the counter for the following month,  I’d have an hour long appointment slot so I could take my time and that I was welcome to bring a guest or two with me.”

“When I arrived for my appointment, I was very impressed with the huge range of dresses they had in stock, how modern the styles were and how knowledgeable the staff were. I was also impressed with the array of mother of the bride/groom ensembles, bridesmaids dresses, accessories, shoes and wedding paraphernalia they had for clients to choose from! This place really is an Aladdin’s cave of everything wedding!”

“I looked through the wedding dresses in my size on the rail and selected 3 to try on, all very different styles and none made me feel like this was the dress or the style for me.”

“Then my daughter spotted a dress on a mannequin and announced “mum, I’ve found your dress” It was quickly taken off the mannequin and discreetly passed to me in the changing room. I tried it on and before even stepping out of the changing room (which is huge by the way) I said “I think you might be right” and stepped onto the podium in front of the huge mirror and definitely felt special in this dress. It ticked so many boxes.”

“The dress was still brand new with tags and the assistant informed me it along with many others, had been donated by an independent wedding store that had closed down. ”

“My dress was bagged up in a proper bridal dress bag and taken downstairs to the till while I got changed.”

“At the till, I was shocked to find my dress was a great deal LESS than what was on the label – there was a valentines offer running through out February that meant my brand new dress, veil and dress bag came to £118.50! ”

“Three weeks before the wedding, having lost some weight and finding my dress no long fit as perfectly as it did when I brought it, I brought some pre-made sleeves and an underskirt and took it to a seamstress that the Bridal Boutique had recommended to me.”

“The Seamstress worked her magic and made my dream dress fit me perfectly, and sewed in my underskirt and sleeves.  I didn’t think it would be possible to love my dress any more but after collecting it from her, I was completely obsessed with it. I couldn’t wait for the world to see it.”

“I can’t recommend Willen Hospice Bridal Boutique enough to any brides-to-be, mothers of the bride/groom. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you will find it there.”

Thank you so very much to Nicola for sharing her story, you can find more details about our Willen Hospice Bridal Boutique in Leighton Buzzard here.