The Willen Hospice Living Well Programme has really come to life since our multi-functional wellbeing centre opened as part of our new Building.

Our wellbeing programme was designed with our patients and families at the front and centre, to ensure our Hospice is a place where people can come to live well, however long that may be for.

Our specialist Therapeutic and Wellbeing team help support our patients and  families to live life the way they want to, we  work alongside our patients to offer services that are tailored to their specific needs. The team run a series of weekly education sessions based on commonly reported symptoms or issues.

Following a holistic assessment the team work on setting personal goals and recommend activities to help them achieve them. Living Well activity groups include:

    • Horticulture / Gardening
    • Walking Group
    • Creative Time
    •  Sewing / Craft
    • Seated Exercise
    • Standing Exercise
    • Balance and Falls
    • Yoga
    • Relaxation

Sue from Wolverton (pictured with volunteer Sally on the right) has thyroid cancer and is taking part in different activities in our Living Well Programme, including our weekly walking group around Willen Lake. She told us;

“I’ve been coming to the walking group for over a year, on and off,” says Sue. “Sometimes I’m not quite up to it, but I come whenever I can. I like having a highlight in the week.”

“Every Thursday, I see people and have a bit of fresh air. Everybody’s nice. Because I live on my own, I don’t tend to set off on a walk on my own. My confidence is not quite what it used to be, and it’s good to know that if I didn’t feel very well or something, that there’s somebody around.”

“A side effect of the medication I’m on is that it causes inflamed joints, so I never quite know how I’m going to feel after the walk, physically. But I always feel pleased I’ve done it.”

Our walking group is open to anyone connected to the Hospice, staff, patients, volunteers and families alike can join us every Thursday at 1030am, meeting at the Hospice cafe and there’s always time to stop for coffee, cake and a catch up afterwards.

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