Creative Therapies

How art therapy can help you

Did you know that being creative and doing something artistic can be an alternative way to express how you feel?

Using art materials in a safe and confidential space, together with an Art Therapist, can help to communicate emotions that can’t always be put into words.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. – Picasso

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No artistic skill or previous experience is needed. It is not an art class or about the finished art piece but more about what you might discover along the way. The Art Therapist may help you to think about your art in a way that helps you to make sense of things. They will never interpret your art, neither will they make assumptions or judgements about you.

How can it help?
Art therapy can benefit all ages from young to old. People come to art therapy for many reasons, such as experiencing confusing or difficult emotions, or a wish for personal growth and change. Some may find it relaxing and enjoyable.

The Art Therapist will lay out a variety of materials such as paint, pencils, clay, collage, pastels or inks. They will encourage you to play and explore using them whilst helping you to reflect together on your experience throughout the session.

Sessions usually last one hour, sometimes one session is all that is needed but usually a course of sessions run every week. Art Therapy may also be provided virtually on a one to one or group basis. Details including technical requirements will be discussed with you at point of referral.

For information or referrals please call: 01908 663636 or email:

If you need help with communicating with us, for example because you use British Sign Language, please let us know.

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