Helping you keep as active as possible

At Willen Hospice we are committed to supporting you to keep active, and to do things that you  enjoy.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy at Willen Hospice aims to help you to  achieve your optimum independence in activities that are important to you. This may be getting washed or dressed, preparing a meal, socialising with family and friends, or a hobby such as gardening.

People’s quality of life can be greatly affected by a life limiting illness; not only from physical symptoms, but emotionally, socially and psychologically. Life becomes about medical appointments, and the assumption that quality of life is about absence of pain or symptoms. It is, in fact so much more than that. Being able to do the things we enjoy, spend time with the people we love and going to the places that make us happy all have a huge impact on our quality of life, but are often overlooked.

Certain environments can also make this difficult; getting to the shops, accessing buildings, and space in your home environment. Occupational therapists are able to support by modifying the activity or your environment, to make things easier.

Occupational therapy is provided to both in-patients and outpatients, as part of our Living Well Programme. We can offer support and education around the practical aspects of managing symptoms, prescribing equipment, and building skills and wellbeing through activity groups.


Physiotherapy helps you build on or maintain your physical strength and activity levels so that you can be more  independent, have better wellbeing and optimise your quality of life.

When diagnosed with a life limiting illness, it can be hard to know how much or what types of physical activity you should be doing and how to negotiate some of the difficulties you may come across.

By finding out what is important to you, Physiotherapists work with you, your loved ones and a multi-professional team to provide you with specialist knowledge and skills. We will empower you to work towards your goals.

Physiotherapy can help with some of the symptoms of a condition, such as breathlessness, pain and reduced strength, help you maximise or maintain your mobility, improve your confidence and has many more benefits!

Physiotherapy is available to inpatients, outpatients and as part of The Living Well Programme at Willen Hospice. This could be in the form of a personalised exercise plan, education, advice and individual or group sessions.

Here is some useful advice about staying active

Watch a video on Coping With Breathlessness
Watch a video demonstrating Seated Exercises
In this video we present a series of Standing Exercises for you to do in the comfort of your own home. Here are more resources to keep you healthy and active. If you need advice, please call our Physiotherapy team on 01908 663636.

Resources and links

NHS advice on exercise

NHS Advice on activity for older people

Advice from the Royal College of Occupational Therapists

Macmillan Advice on Physical Activity for people with cancer

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy – Easy Exercise Guide

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