Will Month

Write or update your Will with us

Writing a Will can give you great peace of mind and the assurance that your final wishes will be carried out.

Twice a year, in May and October, Willen Hospice offers you a chance to write your Will  free of charge, in return for a donation.

  • IN PERSON: From September 2021, you can make appointments with our participating  solicitors or Will-writers. (The full list will be published here)
  • ONLINE: Write your Will online in the comfort of your own home, with our partners, Kwil. They will guide you through the process, quickly and easily.

Below, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on what to prepare when considering your Will. If you would like more information, please contact legacies@willen-hospice.org.uk or call us on 01908 663636.

Your step-by-step guide

How your gift could help us

What your legacy could mean to Willen Hospice (*examples of percentages of property value)

  • 5% of your £250,000 estate

    £12,500 could pay for 12 syringe drivers. To anyone facing their last days, pain relief is the biggest and most compassionate gift we can give them. This vital medical pump delivers pain relief medication at a constant rate to ease pain.

  • 10% of your £250,000 estate

    £25,000 could pay for 1,000 sets of much-needed equipment to protect our doctors and nurses as they deliver care to those with Coronavirus.

  • 1% of your £500,000 estate

    A gift of £5,000 could pay for 100 medical thermometers to help our clinical staff monitor our patients and keep their families safe.

  • 2% of your £500,000 estate

    A gift of £10,000 could pay for 300 TENS machines, which are a safe form of electrical pulse relief, administered by the patient as and when they feel they need it.

In a typical year...
our cost, per minute
phone calls to patients at home
fabulous volunteers
patients cared for at home
home visits
patients at the hospice
of cups of tea
counselling sessions
We can only provide the care we do thanks to the incredible generosity of our community, through their continued volunteering, fundraising and donations throughout the year. Your donation will enable us to continue providing care and support to those facing a life-limiting diagnosis, and to support their loved ones.