Gift Cards

The perfect gift for all occasions

If you are looking for a gift, we have the perfect solution for you. The Willen Hospice Gift Card gives you the choice to spend an exact amount on a gift, and gives the recipient a choice of what they would like to buy*.

Buy as a teacher’s gift, for birthdays, anniversaries, or to congratulate someone who has passed an exam.

How does it work?

Visit any Willen Hospice shop and choose from two designs. Decide how much money you would like to load onto the card, and pay at the till. Write the amount and who it’s from, on the back.

How is the gift redeemeed?

The person who receives the gift card can spend it in one go or a bit at a time. To find out how much is left, they can simply ask the shop to scan the barcode. The gift card is valid for a year from the date of purchase and can be spent in any Willen Hospice shop.

How does the Gift Card support Willen Hospice?

Every pound you spend helps us to raise the funds we need, to give quality, specialist care to our patients.

*Excludes Lottery products

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We can only provide the care we do thanks to the incredible generosity of our community, through their continued volunteering, fundraising and donations throughout the year. Your donation will enable us to continue providing care and support to those facing a life-limiting diagnosis, and to support their loved ones.