Willen Hospice telephone fundraising

What we are doing and why?

We’ve just started our telephone fundraising campaign.

If you have received a call from this number, we can confirm it was made on our behalf: 0117 325 4884.

We are making the calls to thank our valued supporters and ask them if they could consider increasing their regular form of giving. By doing so, it would help provide us with a sustainable income so we can continue to offer the vital care that our patients need.  This is especially important in light of the Covid-19 pandemic which has resulted in a 50% reduction in fundraising income.

Who we are calling?

We are calling a limited selection of supporters who either give to us monthly or play our lottery, to request a small uplift in their regular gift.

When we are doing it?

The calls started on 29 April and will continue throughout May.

Any questions, issues or complaints?

If there are any complaints we treat them very seriously and will respond to them within 2 working days. If anyone doesn’t wish to be called again we will respect that and update our records.

If you have any queries, feedback or complaints then please email vincent.moran@willen-hospice.org.uk or call 07883 251288 and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

In a typical year...
our cost, per minute
phone calls to patients at home
fabulous volunteers
patients cared for at home
home visits
patients at the hospice
of cups of tea
counselling sessions
We can only provide the care we do thanks to the incredible generosity of our community, through their continued volunteering, fundraising and donations throughout the year. Your donation will enable us to continue providing care and support to those facing a life-limiting diagnosis, and to support their loved ones.