PragmatiQ Solutions

PragmatiQ Solutions

PragmatiQ Solutions specialise in designing and implementing bespoke CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems for our customers.

As a result, businesses benefit from increased sales, improved productivity and enhanced customer retention, which is fit for your organisation today & in the years to come.

Are you…
- Currently storing your data in Excel spreadsheets, or disparate systems?
- Already using a CRM and are ready to take the step to a more bespoke & flexible solution?
- Using Microsoft Dynamics and need support?

Whatever your situation, we are here to assist. By leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 & our expertise, we make it our mission to not only implement a fit-for-purpose solution that meets business needs, but to build a long-lasting relationship to deliver success. That means that once your solution is implemented through PragmatiQ Solutions, we see the real project as starting at that point; adopting the technology and driving value through actioning insights, is where the real benefit lies.

At the centre of PragmatiQ Solutions sit our values; Taking an honest & consultative approach, challenging clients & their way of thinking and making ‘PragmatiQ’ decisions. These embody our commitment to helping organisations achieve success from their CRM, whilst ensuring maximum value.

Thank You