Jaff,  has volunteered as a marshal at our headline fundraising event, the Midnight Moo, every year since 2011 with the help of friends and family.

We recently spoke with Jaff and she kindly shared her Moo journey with us.

“I first walked the Midnight Moo in 2010 with my daughter, Joan. It was great fun and I thought I’ve done it once, why not marshal? Now I do it every year with Bosom Pals, a Breast Cancer Support group, and everyone’s husband’s and families join in too.”

Jaff and her crew are stationed at the start of the 10 mile night time walk at Mile one.

“Being at the start, we always get the full energy, and it’s great with the music and the warm up. The atmosphere is fantastic and that’s what keeps us coming back! It’s part of Bosom Pals as well -they always want to know when the next one is. So many of our members have spent time at Willen Hospice, so it’s nice to be part of the Midnight Moo and show our support.”

Sadly, for the first time  in 12 years, Jaff is unable to make this years Midnight Moo, but she assures us that the rest of the Bosom Pals and their team of cheerleaders will be soaking up the atmosphere at mile one.

We’ll miss you Jaff!

Not signed up to walk the Midnight Moo? Join the herd here.