My mother was one of the first patients at the Hospice in 1980

When our 40th Anniversary came around in 2021, we were keen to make contact with people who had stories to tell and memories to share, of the Hospice. We’ve heard some amazing and heartwarming accounts from people whose relatives had been cared for by us in the early days.

We were delighted to hear from Pat Thurling who says:

“My mother, Ella Lewis, was one of the ‘lucky’ early in-patients of the Hospice in April 1982, where she died on the 23rd of
the month. She had been looked after in a small ward for her final days, and my overriding memory of the Hospice at the
time was of peace, tranquillity, sunshine and family support. The family were welcome to visit at any time and I remember
on my mother’s final day, being looked after by a very kind person. I have been a supporter of the Hospice ever since.”

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