Local residents Margaret and Martin were Lottery Rollover winners in June and were thrilled to pick up a cheque for £3,200. The couple have been playing regularly for 15 years, since Margaret’s mum, Sylvia, was cared for at the Hospice. 

 “Mum was here for about four weeks in May 2008,” says Margaret. “We’ll always remember, because it was really warm at the time. The nurses asked Mum if she’d like to go outside. So they wheeled her down to the tree overlooking the lake. That was only a couple of days before she died. She looked so at peace, so happy and so beautiful. She just enjoyed being out in the fresh air.  

   “Mum was funny though, because she knew what was wrong with her but she refused to discuss it. A doctor came in one day and he said, ‘We’ve got to explain to her. Don’t worry – she’ll listen to me.’ He went into the room, introduced himself and asked how she was. She put her thumbs up to indicate she was ok, like she always did. Then he said, ‘Do you know what’s the matter with you?’ And she put her fingers straight in her ears! In the end, he walked out and admitted defeat. We used to laugh about it, because if anyone ever asked, she would always say, ‘I’m fine.’ 

 “When Mum died, Martin and I decided we would play the Hospice Lottery. We didn’t do it to win; at that point it was just our way of making a donation. I’ve won two lots of £100 over the years. The first time was the November after we’d started playing, and it was my birthday when I heard. I said at the time, ‘Thank you Mum!’ 

  “One of my friends and my daughter-in-law’s mother have both been cared for by the Hospice too. It’s a wonderful organisation. Where we can, we try and help.”  

 Margaret’s brother Denis also has precious memories of Sylvia’s time at the Hospice, “I will always remember how they cared for Mum and also the way they supported us. Mum passed in beautiful surroundings with those she loved alongside her and I will always be grateful for that.” 

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